7 MMA Specific Kettlebell Exercises for Hand Speed and Punching Power

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Close to 7 years ago, I released my firs DVD Combat Kettlebell Systems. On this DVD I introduced combat specific kettlebell exercises to improve striking and ground work. Kettlejitsu is in a constant state of evolution. So, since then, I have developed more exercises. In this article I will briefly cover exercises to improve punching power and hand speed.
First and foremost, let’s talk about safety. If you do not a solid foundation in kettlebell training, you should not attempt to try these exercises. Second of all, you should warm up thoroughly. Third, start off with a light weight. I will cover all of these exercises in a future digital download. So keep an eye out!
Exercise 1. The pull and punch: This exercise has a bit of sleight of hand. It involves pulling with one hand and a punch press with the other. This movement addresses the pivot. Pivoting into your punches is essential for strikers.
Exercise 2. Combat Thrusters: This exercise is performed from a fighting stance. Some people refer to it as a stagger stance. Again, there is a pivot at the top of the punch press. You will definitely feel these in your core! Remember, power comes from your core.
Exercise 3. The Fighters Figure 8: Before you try this, you must master a regular figure 8 and a figure 8 to a hold. This one involves a hooking type motion with a pivot at the end.
Exercise 4. Bottoms up uppercuts: I have to give a shout out to my boy Rollie Robles of Fatx101.com He attended my very first certification years ago. We were working figure 8s and someone asked my about how to throw an upper cut with a kb. At that time, I was doing the ballistic version only. Then I saw Rollie doing the bottoms up version. I liked it. So I kept it!
Exercise 5. Ballistic uppercuts: This one involves a bit of hand 2 hand. Definitely not for beginners. This one will develop your focus and hand eye coordination as well.
Exercise 6. Combat cleans: If you do not know how to do a regular clean, then please do not attempt this. This involves the pulling and punching aspect of punching.
Exercise 7. Combat High Pulls: This exercise in my opinion is most specific to throwing straight punches. Even more so than the previous exercise. Use a light bell at first. Doing high pulls from a fighting stance can be a bit tricky. Plus, keeping the bell suspended in mid air can be challenging for your forearms.
I really feel that with kettlebells, you can get more specific to ground fighting and striking than any other training device. There is not a more versatile implement on the planet! Keep an open mind and evolve! To develop your foundation so that you will be able to execute these movements, check out my Kettle-Jitsu Revolution 8 week kettlebell and body weight download!

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2 Minute Body weight workout for BJJ

Kettle-Jitsu body weight flows are an excellent source of conditioning for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, fat loss and other combat sports. In my Kettle-JItsu system, I have what I call a body weight long combo.  This means, 2 different compound body weight exercises combined together for an extended period of time.  In my classes we do rounds of 2 or 3 minutes for these long combos. In this workout we are combining what I call a 10 count body builder with a traditional burpee.  In my classes we always do a joint mobility warm up and drill each movement in the body weight flow.  For example. With the 10 count body builders, we drill sprawls for 30 seconds, hindu push ups for 30 seconds and peak outs for 30 seconds. Then we repeat for several sets. That can be left to your discretion. I usually play to the level of the class.  After that we drill each compound body weight exercise for one minute rounds each. This means one minute of burpees and one minute of 10 count bodybuilders. After that you should be thoroughly warm and ready for the long combo.

To perform the this long combo, do the 10 count body builder all the way through followed by to burpees. Then continuously repeat for 2 minutes straight. You will find that this long combo will challenge all of your muscles and your focus simultaneously.  So it is important to stay alert! The beauty of this workout is that you can do it anywhere you please. In your living room, the beach, the park or your dojo! For more workouts like this, check out my dvd Kettle-Jitsu revolution!

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Double Kettlebell grip training for BJJ/MMA

Grip training is a subject I wanted to touch on for some time now. I definitely have some serious opinions on it.  As you already may know, I have been training in martial arts for over 30 years. I am also a competitive Brazilian Jiu JItsu fighter.  I have won and lost many BJJ matches. I have never thought to myself after one of my losses that my grip strength cost me the match.  I also have a lot of friends that train with kettlebells, but also do macebell and clubbell work. Which to me, doesnt make sense. I believe macebells and clubbells are not nearly as efficient as kettlebells. I have even asked my friends why the include those implements as well. They always say, “well its really good for grip strength.”  Which brings me to my next question. “Why does an average person need grip strength?” I honestly dont even think BJJ fighters need extra grip strength.  Isnt the whole point of jiu jitsu to not use strength. If you are dependent on grip strength in you bjj matches your technique must be off.  By training BJJ regularly, you will develop the conditioning needed in your forearms needed in training, If you do extra strength and conditioning, then you should be good to go.

The 2 types of strength and conditioning I do are body weight and kettlebell.  I dont really feel I need anything else.  Although I do not do any extra specific grip training. Every kettlebell workout challenges your grip to an extent. Some more than others. Which brings me to this basic double kettlebell workout that will have your forearms firing off like you just finished a BJJ match in a tournament!  First let me say this is an example and not meant to be an instructional.  Next, before any kettlebell workout I do a good 20 minute body weight and mobility workout. This insures that Im thoroughly warmed up and prevents injury.

The double kettlebell workout consists of 5 different exercises.  1.double dead cleans 2. double overhead presses 3. double swings 4. double rows 5. burpees

What challenges your grip is that fact that you do not put the bells down until the burpees. This workout is put into what I call a pyramid. You want to do 5 reps of each exercise. then move up to 10 reps. Last you go back down the pyramid to 5 reps.  By the time you are working up to 10 you should feel that burn in your forearms! So be careful! Enjoy!

To learn more workouts like this, check out the Kettlejitsu 8 week kettlebell and body weight dvd here!  http://kjrevolution.com/?page_id=19

Best Kettlebell Exercise for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

jiu jitsu magazine articletgu sale $17Get the Ultimate TGU on sale now for only $17! ass seen in the latest issue of Jiu JItsu magazine! Click the above banner or this link!Ultimate Turkish Get Up Program download Or, get Save $$$$ and purchase the Kettle-Jitsu Revolution 8 week program and Ultimate TGU together for only $47!!! Click the below banner or this link to save! Kj revolution/Ultimate TGU combo!New web banner package dealTurkish Get Ups are one of the initial exercises that I knew had a direct connection to MMA and Bjj.  The mechanics of the TGU are almost identical to a movement in BJJ called, Standing up in base or the Technical lift. The TGU is the best kettlebell exercise for BJJ for 3 reasons. 1. You work your pushing, pulling, squatting/lunging movements all in one exercise. 2. it has numerous applications in actual BJJ techniques. 3. It works motor skills we are not accustomed to doing in every day life. Therefor it enhances your coordination.  Most traditional Bjj dojos practice this via body weight on a daily basis.  Standing up in base has many applications in jiu jitsu. It has also evolved into a movement necessary for the “scrambling aspect” of Mixed Martial Arts. Scrambling is the art of regaining the standing position in an MMA fight.  If you are not good at scrambling, then you will have a shot career in MMA.  So, drilling the mechanics of Standing up in base is a must. In the enclosed video, I have several variations of the TGU and Brazilian get up and some applications with a partner. Implement these into your mma and kb training and you will experience tremendous gains! Be sure to check out Joey Alvarado’s article on the Turkish Get Up in the latest issue of Jiu Jitsu Magazine!

Key points to starting a weight loss Program

so you wanna lose weight? and succeed! Guaranteed!

10 key disciplines to starting, staying on task and reaching your weight loss goal.


–    There is no magic bullet, pill, quick fix or miracle diet. Set realistic goals and if you don’t know how ask. Weight loss and mastery of self, the greatest challenge with the most satisfying of results. It doesn’t come easy, it’s hard work. Period. Here’s how we start.

–    Correct nutrition. You cannot out train a poor diet. Start by eating breakfast. Most people skip breakfast, having coffee only, eat a moderate lunch and then kill it at dinner and go to bed full. Breakfast should include a protein, a carbohydrate and a healthy fat (avocado). a great training breakfast looks like this. A corn tortilla, egg whites, salsa and sliced avocado. Breakfast speeds up your metabolism for the day providing energy when it’s most needed and will be utilized. Try Greek yogurt or cottage cheese. Protein is a slow delivery leaving you feeling full longer. Avoid refined sugar, white flour, white pasta, white rice and any processed foods. Try to eat “food without labels” these would be in the produce department. Broccoli, Kale, Spinach, field greens. Drink lots of water. More than you are now. Stay hydrated shoot for at least 60 ounces a day. Drink two glasses prior to eating your meal. Choose alcohol or dessert, not both. Don’t drown your foods in dressings, go for raw veggies and keep them at hand for snacks.

–    Body Composition Testing-Know your BMR – get tested for your basal metabolic rate this tells you exactly how many calories your body burns in it’s resting state. Knowing your BMR takes the guess work out of your nutrition plan and makes it a science game of numbers. Just follow the numbers. Take action, you can’t think your way thru this, guess work leads to frustration and wasted time, money and effort. Plan to succeed. A Body Comp testing runs about forty dollars.

–    Set a goal(s) for body % fat loss, and why “scales are for fish”. Especially with women, water weight and water retention can radically change from day to day. Often times in the first month of training the scale will show a 10 pound loss, women get frustrated with the amount of work they put in to “only drop 10 pounds!” what the body comp shows us is there was actually 15 lbs of fat burned and an overall gain of 5 lbs of lean muscle. Then we hear “oh, that’s why all my clothes fit differently!” Then I say , get ready for the new wardrobe it’s coming. Donate all your “fat clothes”.

–    Track your food intake “My Fitness Pal” this is a free app for your smart phone, most people are very surprised when they see how much they actually consume. Staying accountable to your calorie consumption combats mindless eating, grazing or drive- byes. Make time to sit down and eat. The act of physically taking an action and inputting your food into a personalized database requires discipline. If you have the discipline to track your food and stay accountable to a balanced workout program, you will lose weight. Studies show 80% of people who track their food intake lose 85% more weight over a one year period than those who don’t.

–    Try a protein shake as a meal replacements or as a snack. I like a vegetable based protein like Sun Warrior with unsweetened almond milk (very low sugar content).the most bang for the buck make your calories count. Not all calories are created equal.

–    Metabolic strength training (resistance training with cardio intervals) is the most effective way to burn fat, think kettle bell flows and kettle bell circuits. Building red tissue, muscle, is the most efficient calorie consuming tissue in the body. No you won’t get bulky and big! Only unless you want to, hypertrophy training or body building require years of specific isolation training, you won’t get huge!  Metabolic strength training is like putting your savings into a high return investment account. Low intensity aerobics is like hiding money under your mattress. Both will work, but the return you get is radically different

–    Work in a group, embrace those who are pursuing this journey, staying accountable to your class is not only is inspiring for others, but provides inspiration and support back to you. Work with people you enjoy working out with. A top notch trainer will can make you smile, laugh and challenge you to produce your best effort for that day.

–    Enlist in an activity like a 5k or 10k run, break out of your comfort zone ,train for an event, staying accountable to a future goal sets the pace for longer term fitness, reach for new goals.

–    Sleep in There’s no better way to indulge in your lazy tendencies than to get more sleep. Sleeping fewer than than five hours a night could send the scale soaring 30% higher than if you got seven hours or more, suggests a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Written by Ron Matty

Ron Matty.
A classically trained chef, certified personal trainer, founder of MattysGym.com, and graduate of
the American Fitness and Nutrition Academy. Ron is a nutritionist, an avid cyclist and ultra
endurance athlete. Competing in numerous ultra marathons and a finisher of the world
renowned Angeles Crest 100 mile Endurance Race. He is certified in Combat Kettle-jitsu, Indo –
Row, and Spin. He is the Functional Fitness and Nutritional program designer at Lifesaver
Wellness in South Pasadena, CA. And a founding member of “Runnerzedge” endurance
running club.

ron.Matty@lifesaverwell.com ron matt cert pic

See live updates on FB- May 24/25 as he attempts to run 100 miles in under 24 hours at the
“Nanny Goat 100 Endurance Race”

The Importance of Mastering a System


 Today I received an amazing compliment about one of my classes. It is the one depicted in the picture to this article. Keep in mind that this was the woman’s first class and I had about 20 people of all levels in the class.  When teaching a large group of individuals of numerous different fitness levels it is quite challenging. There is a ton of multitasking involved. In succeeding at such a challenge, you have to really know what you are doing. I see a lot of trainers running around with a piece of paper in their hands as they teach the class. I feel if you have to read it off a paper then you must not know your fitness system that well. If you aren’t even comfortable with what you are teaching, than teaching classes can become more difficult.

This is why I think it is important to master your system. If you are using your own fitness system, you should have a formula. Once you have a complete understanding of that formula, teaching becomes a lot easier. It’s one less thing you have to worry about. This makes it easier to pay more attention to your students. One of the reasons for the aforementioned client is that as I teach, I walk around observing each and every client. I give them tips, correct technique and adapt movements for everyone in the class. If you have to constantly be looking at a piece of paper to teach, then it becomes a lot more difficult to pay that much attention to details like that.

A lot of the established fitness systems are popular because they have been tested and proven. They have successful formulas.  My Kettle-Jitsu system was forged on training large group classes day in and day out.  My new Kettle-Jitsu Revolution dvd is a result of me mastering my formula.  The same workouts used in the dvd are the ones that yield the positive feedback I receive.  So when becoming a trainer, I do feel it is important to master an established system or take the time to develop your own formula by putting in the time and work through training clients.  Feedback from your students will let you know if you are going in the right direction!

CDDVDCASE002-1 (1)

10 Body Weight Flows for MMA and Fitness

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When I first started in the martial arts, I trained in Korean styles. I started in Tae Kwon Do when I was 9 years old. Then it was Hapkido and Kuk Sool. Each of these arts had Hyung, or forms we would have to practice and master for each belt level. So every belt level had a specific Hyung(form) to learn in order to progress to the next belt. These forms I equate to the body weight flows found in my system.  My body weight flows range from simple into more complex and dynamic in nature. A body weight flow by my definition is, combining multiple body weight exercises into one continuous pattern for a giving amount of time.

In my Kettle-Jitsu Revolution Dvd, we start off with the basic burpee as the foundational movement for these flows. Then, we build off of that into more complex flows.  A lot of these flows contain actual movements used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts.  So in essence you are practicing essential mma fundamentals while practicing your conditioning. Kettle-Jitsu bodyweight flows are designed to enhance your fitness, conditioning, agility, coordination, focus and timing. I try to hit as many muscles as possible in one flow. This is what gives it that anaerobic effect and gives you the feel like you get in a BJJ match.  The great thing about these flows is that they can be taught and practiced by any one! In the enclosed video, I have long time student Rosanna assisting me. She is a wife and a mother. But as you can see she flows effortlessly with the movements. Proof that you do not have to be a fighter to train like one!

Remember, the movements in this video are not meant to be instructional. This is simply an example of some of the flows found in my system.  A few of these are found in my new Kettle-Jitsu Revolution double dvd. So if you want to build the foundation needed to execute these flows properly, order your copy today!  click here buy it! http://kjrevolution.com/?page_id=19

Kettle-Jitsu Revolution Workout DVD:An in depth look

As most of you already know, I have just announced the presale to my new double dvd Kettle-Jitsu Revolution.  I know everyone works hard for their money and people want to know what they are getting. So I received an email from a fan that wanted to know more about the dvd and its content. So here you go!:)  There are 8 different workouts. These workouts are the exact same ones in use at my gym SoCal MMA and fitness in Los Angeles. My classes are packed. This is what my system has involved into. I had to adapt my workouts to please any one from beginners to advance since that is what my classes are made up of. We constantly have new people trying our classes out, but we have our regulars as we’ll. so these workouts are easy enough for the beginner, yet challenging enough for an advanced person. Each workout is approximately 30-45 minutes long depending on how much rest you take. There is one joint mobility/body weight warm up. This runs about 15 minutes long. In all of the years I’ve been teaching, I found that the number one reason people get injured is from not warming up. This is why we do this prior to the Kb workout. Next we have our abdominal pyramid workouts. There are 8 different ones that contain different exercises in all of the workouts. Then we have body weight interval training. Next is our 3 one minute rounds of full body compound exercises ranging from your standard burpees, into my hybrid burpee variations and some body weight flows. After that we do our Kb interval training or what I call a break down. What this is, is a break down of each movement before we get into our Kb circuit. This gives you a chance to drill each movement and get a feel for it before we go into our Kb circuits. Last will b our 3, 2 minute full body Kb circuits. These circuits hit your whole body. Not just your core like most generic Kb workouts. Our 8th workout is the same format as above but, it contains what I call a shadow Jitsu long combo. This is a 2 minute body weight flow that contains 2 different compound body weight exercises into one. The last Kb workout is all double kettlebell. 8 week workout program. So each workout is done 3 times during that week. On your off days you can do cardio or one of the workouts from my shadow Jitsu DVD. Or you can do some cardio like running, yoga, cycling etc…
It’s a double DVD and it comes with a 12 page DVD insert that contains all of the workouts. It’s all original music. I wrote and played the title song in the commercial called get your swing on. There are 3 different remixes of the song in the DVD. There is also original music by Dj Slugo, a very popular Dj out of Chicago. So there you have it! Oh! This is the same format and workout I use in my certifications all over the world. So,if you are planning to get certified in Kettle-Jitsu, than this dvd is the perfect study guide.  I know these workouts are effective because of the feed back and results I get from my students. I teach up to 100 people a week at my gym. I can have up to 30 people at once in my classes. This is the main difference between me and the strong first/rkc type Kb people. Most of these certified people don’t have gyms and don’t teach more than a few people at once. It’s because their style is so basic and they focus on a few select Kb exercises. They use Kb as a supplement to their training. I use Kb and body weight as my sole source of strength and conditioning. Ive competed 10 times this year in BJJ tournaments. I was ranked number 1 in the world in 2 different divisions for most of the year. So this dvd is excellent conditioning for BJJ athletes. I also use this same system for my mma fighters. Even though most of my youtube videos have plenty of women, house wives and every day people in them, i still have people asking me if it is just for Jiu Jitsu and MMA.  This DVD is for everyone!! The women in my dvd do not fight. They just attend my classes at my gym. Rosanna, Aka Xena, is a mother and a wife. As a matter of fact, women make up for %70 of the clients at my gym. Just regular women.

You can use this dvd to lose weight, build muscle and enhance your conditioning, Veronica, the women depicted in the before and after pictures in the commercial lost a whopping 60lbs! She did kettle-jits 3 Xs per week, cardio on her off days and kept a disciplined diet.  The Kj Rev program is also simple and easy to implement in any gym. It gives people what they want and it is proven to work! People want variety, not monotony! Remember, you dont have to be a fighter to train like one! Pre sale purchas Only 29.99! Limited time only! Orders ship in the new year! CDDVDCASE002-1 (1)

12 Kettlebell Flows for BJJ/MMA and Fitness

12 kb flows

I am constantly preaching about the versatility of the kettlebell and bodyweight training. I really feel you can express your personality through these two training devices more so than any other single fitness device.  Kettlebell flows are a part of that versatility.  Flows are 2 or more exercises combined together into one, seamless and continuous pattern. Kettlebell flows challenge your hand eye coordination, timing, rhythm, focus and conditioning, all at the same time. All of these attributes are necessary for martial artists. In Brazilian jiu jitsu we combine and chain techniques together. Also when training BJJ, you are working multiple muscles at once. This is why kettlebell flows are simillar to training BJJ.

Kettlebell training is so deeply rooted in tradition, practicioners rarely think outside of the box. I believe this limits the potential of your kettlebell training. I believe the kettlebell is an extension of your body. The design of the bell allows endless options for all types of movements.  In order to achieve total kettlebell mastery, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only a few movements. I use kettlebells  and bodyweight as my sole source of strength and conditioning. In this video I have 12 different kettlebell flow variations that I use with my self and the clients at my gym.  Students love them because they are challenging and different. They engage you unlike any other exercises you have ever done.  Some of these movements are traditional exercises combined into a flow.

I encourage you to explore the endless options the kettlebell can give you.  Inject your own personality into them and develop your own movements.  Remember, the movements in this video are not for the beginners. These should only be practiced by seasoned kettlebell practitioners. Enjoy  12 kb flows

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