3 Minute Total Body Weight Circuit

When developing workouts for my classes and dvd’s, one of the main concepts I use is what I call the “balance principle.” This basically means, I try to hit all of your major muscle groups evenly. So after a Kettle-Jitsu workout, you should never feel like you just got a leg workout, or just a core workout. By combining as many muscle groups into your workouts, you will get that metabolic effect. I use this principle with both body weight and kettlebell training.

For this particular body weight workout, I combine dynamic exercises that hit multiple muscles simultaneously to give the circuit an anaerobic effect. I call this the Lunge/Touch and kick circuit. This is a 3 minute nonstop circuit in which you change exercises every 30 seconds. There are 4 exercises.  1. The lunge/touch and kick 2. Walk out to a push up 3. Mountain climbers 4. Burpees.  In my classes, before any workout, we start off with joint mobility and some light body weight movements. I cant stress enough how important this is. This prepares your body for rigorous training and helps to prevent injuries. We do an ab pyramid, then break down each movement in the circuit for 30 seconds with a 15 second rest in between. To have a better understanding of this formula, check out my Kettle-Jitsu Revolution dvd.  It follows the same aforementioned format.  After this, you should be ready to start the Lung/Touch and kick circuit!

Instructions:  Set your timers to 3 minutes with 30 second intervals.  We rest for 30 seconds in between rounds. I use a ringside mma timer.  These are great because you can set it to ring every 30 seconds. This lets you know when to change exercises.  To perform the circuit, start with lunge/touch and kick(right leg back, kick w left) for 30 seconds, walkout/push up 30 seconds, lunge/touch kick(left leg back, kick w right) for 30 seconds, walkout/push up 30 seconds, mountain climbers for 30 seconds followed by burpees for the final 30 seconds.  Repeat as many times as you like. At my gym SoCal mma, we do 3 rounds and follow it up with our kettlebell workout.

You will feel this circuit everywhere! Enjoy!

Body Weight Flows: How and why?

body weight flows how and whyOne of the reasons why I named my fitness system Kettle-Jitsu is because I consider it an art form. Its more than just a bunch of exercises. It’s an expression of my personality. I am naturally a very creative person.  So I use different movements to create newly developed exercises. Body weight flow combos have become a huge part of system. I create them for different reasons. First of all, me and my students get bored if we are doing the same routines over and over. You can only do burpees so many times before they get monotonous.  So I am continuously pushing myself to create different flows to challenge myself and my students. It makes working out fun and challenging.

Before creating your own flow combos, I suggest you have a solid foundation in body weight fundamentals. I think you should be able to correctly perform exercises like squats, pushups, sit ups, mountain climbers, deck squats and burpees beforehand.  The burpee is the foundation of my flow combos.  In all of my flows, I try and combine multiple movements into one seamless compound exercise. I also try and hit as many major muscle groups in these combos.  Burpees do just that. They are a full body exercise.  So I consider my flow combos to be an extension of that.

I have a specific way of teaching these flows to my students at my gym SoCal mma and fitness in los Angeles.  First, I break down each movement that makes up the flow.  Then we drill those movements individually for 30 second intervals. After that, we will drill the flow as a whole for one minute rounds so that we can perfect it.  I attached a video tutorial of my latest flow, the triangle/spider flow, as an example.  This flow consists of a triangle squat, a low spider plank and a push up. So in our routine we do 30 second intervals with a 15 second rest in between each exercise.  For example: 30 secs alt triangle squats, 30 secs low spider plank, then 30 secs of push ups.  Then we do another 30 secs of triangle squats followed by 30 secs of spider pushups. I like to follow that up with 3, one minute rounds of the full triangle/spider flow with a 15 to 30 sec rest in between sets.

This is the same format I use on my latest dvd Kettle-Jitsu revolution.  The body weight combos on my dvd range from the most basic, into intermediate and advanced flows.  If you are tired of doing burpees, than body weight flows are the way to go! They help challenge your conditioning, focus and a whole lot more! You can use the flows found on my dvd. Or challenge your creativity and develop your own.  Keep training and never stop evolving!To purchase the Kettle-Jitsu Revolution dvd and to start learning these dynamic flow combos, click here!  http://kjrevolution.com/?page_id=19

The Importance of Mastering a System


 Today I received an amazing compliment about one of my classes. It is the one depicted in the picture to this article. Keep in mind that this was the woman’s first class and I had about 20 people of all levels in the class.  When teaching a large group of individuals of numerous different fitness levels it is quite challenging. There is a ton of multitasking involved. In succeeding at such a challenge, you have to really know what you are doing. I see a lot of trainers running around with a piece of paper in their hands as they teach the class. I feel if you have to read it off a paper then you must not know your fitness system that well. If you aren’t even comfortable with what you are teaching, than teaching classes can become more difficult.

This is why I think it is important to master your system. If you are using your own fitness system, you should have a formula. Once you have a complete understanding of that formula, teaching becomes a lot easier. It’s one less thing you have to worry about. This makes it easier to pay more attention to your students. One of the reasons for the aforementioned client is that as I teach, I walk around observing each and every client. I give them tips, correct technique and adapt movements for everyone in the class. If you have to constantly be looking at a piece of paper to teach, then it becomes a lot more difficult to pay that much attention to details like that.

A lot of the established fitness systems are popular because they have been tested and proven. They have successful formulas.  My Kettle-Jitsu system was forged on training large group classes day in and day out.  My new Kettle-Jitsu Revolution dvd is a result of me mastering my formula.  The same workouts used in the dvd are the ones that yield the positive feedback I receive.  So when becoming a trainer, I do feel it is important to master an established system or take the time to develop your own formula by putting in the time and work through training clients.  Feedback from your students will let you know if you are going in the right direction!

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How to add value to your MMA or BJJ gym

Almost 8 years ago, me and my business partner decided we would open up and mma gym. So obviously we had to come up with a name. We settled on the name SoCal mma and fitness.  I have been training my whole life in martial arts, sports and fitness. So I really wanted to create a one stop shop where people could come train in all the different disciplines of mma. But I also wanted to cater to people who just want to get fit.  Back then I had a descent background in fitness. But I can honestly say I was just flying by the seat of my pants when teaching. Although I still put on some good classes, I hadn’t really developed my own formula for training people. So I eventually starting developing Kettle-Jitsu. My classes started becoming more structured and it became a lot easier to teach classes. The classes also started to grow! The same goes to my assistant trainer Chris as well. He started to develop his own style. He also got certified in Training for Warriors, Martin Rooney’s training system.

Now, the fitness classes are the biggest draw at my gym.  A large reason is because great fitness classes attract a lot of women. Women do everything in groups and pairs.  Have you ever notice how women always go to the bathroom together.  They need that same support with working out. Women almost always come to the gym in pairs.  They are also the best at referrals.  If a women enjoys the class, she will tell her friends about it.  I once had a women try out my evening 6:30pm class. Then she showed up with 3 friends the following morning at 5:30am!

My whole point behind this is that if you only cater to mma folk, or only Bjj people, you really limit your demographic. If your gym says Cageside MMA, who do you think you will attract? You will definitely not attract women. So I do think it is important to name your gym accordingly.  With SoCal mma and fitness, adding the word fitness welcomes people who want to get in shape. My second point is to have a solid, proven fitness system at your gym.  By having a great fitness program, you attract women and women are great at bringing in business.  At my gym we offer 2 solid fitness systems. Kettle-Jitsu and my trainer teaches Training for Warriors mixed with his own stuff. People really appreciate the variety.

So to sum things up, my 2 ways to add value to your mma or bjj gym are, 1. Choose the name of your facility wisely. By choosing the right name, you can widen your demographic.  2. Choose one or more fitness programs.  Solid fitness programs keep people in the doors and increase referrals.  so it may be wise to find a couple of reputable certifications to do. cert

10 Body Weight Flows for MMA and Fitness

Get started with Kettlebell and body weight flows with this combo deal! 2 workout programs with a total of 10 different kettlebell and body weight workouts! Learn the same workouts that Professor Joey teaches at Legacy BJJ Burbank to dozens of students daily! Get an instant 20% off at check out with code Kj20 Kettlejitsu Revolution/TGU combo packkettlejitsu package dealkb strength banner for web and facebook pre sale




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When I first started in the martial arts, I trained in Korean styles. I started in Tae Kwon Do when I was 9 years old. Then it was Hapkido and Kuk Sool. Each of these arts had Hyung, or forms we would have to practice and master for each belt level. So every belt level had a specific Hyung(form) to learn in order to progress to the next belt. These forms I equate to the body weight flows found in my system.  My body weight flows range from simple into more complex and dynamic in nature. A body weight flow by my definition is, combining multiple body weight exercises into one continuous pattern for a giving amount of time.

In my Kettle-Jitsu Revolution Dvd, we start off with the basic burpee as the foundational movement for these flows. Then, we build off of that into more complex flows.  A lot of these flows contain actual movements used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts.  So in essence you are practicing essential mma fundamentals while practicing your conditioning. Kettle-Jitsu bodyweight flows are designed to enhance your fitness, conditioning, agility, coordination, focus and timing. I try to hit as many muscles as possible in one flow. This is what gives it that anaerobic effect and gives you the feel like you get in a BJJ match.  The great thing about these flows is that they can be taught and practiced by any one! In the enclosed video, I have long time student Rosanna assisting me. She is a wife and a mother. But as you can see she flows effortlessly with the movements. Proof that you do not have to be a fighter to train like one!

Remember, the movements in this video are not meant to be instructional. This is simply an example of some of the flows found in my system.  A few of these are found in my new Kettle-Jitsu Revolution double dvd. So if you want to build the foundation needed to execute these flows properly, order your copy today!  click here buy it! http://kjrevolution.com/?page_id=19

Kettle-Jitsu Revolution Workout DVD:An in depth look

As most of you already know, I have just announced the presale to my new double dvd Kettle-Jitsu Revolution.  I know everyone works hard for their money and people want to know what they are getting. So I received an email from a fan that wanted to know more about the dvd and its content. So here you go!:)  There are 8 different workouts. These workouts are the exact same ones in use at my gym SoCal MMA and fitness in Los Angeles. My classes are packed. This is what my system has involved into. I had to adapt my workouts to please any one from beginners to advance since that is what my classes are made up of. We constantly have new people trying our classes out, but we have our regulars as we’ll. so these workouts are easy enough for the beginner, yet challenging enough for an advanced person. Each workout is approximately 30-45 minutes long depending on how much rest you take. There is one joint mobility/body weight warm up. This runs about 15 minutes long. In all of the years I’ve been teaching, I found that the number one reason people get injured is from not warming up. This is why we do this prior to the Kb workout. Next we have our abdominal pyramid workouts. There are 8 different ones that contain different exercises in all of the workouts. Then we have body weight interval training. Next is our 3 one minute rounds of full body compound exercises ranging from your standard burpees, into my hybrid burpee variations and some body weight flows. After that we do our Kb interval training or what I call a break down. What this is, is a break down of each movement before we get into our Kb circuit. This gives you a chance to drill each movement and get a feel for it before we go into our Kb circuits. Last will b our 3, 2 minute full body Kb circuits. These circuits hit your whole body. Not just your core like most generic Kb workouts. Our 8th workout is the same format as above but, it contains what I call a shadow Jitsu long combo. This is a 2 minute body weight flow that contains 2 different compound body weight exercises into one. The last Kb workout is all double kettlebell. 8 week workout program. So each workout is done 3 times during that week. On your off days you can do cardio or one of the workouts from my shadow Jitsu DVD. Or you can do some cardio like running, yoga, cycling etc…
It’s a double DVD and it comes with a 12 page DVD insert that contains all of the workouts. It’s all original music. I wrote and played the title song in the commercial called get your swing on. There are 3 different remixes of the song in the DVD. There is also original music by Dj Slugo, a very popular Dj out of Chicago. So there you have it! Oh! This is the same format and workout I use in my certifications all over the world. So,if you are planning to get certified in Kettle-Jitsu, than this dvd is the perfect study guide.  I know these workouts are effective because of the feed back and results I get from my students. I teach up to 100 people a week at my gym. I can have up to 30 people at once in my classes. This is the main difference between me and the strong first/rkc type Kb people. Most of these certified people don’t have gyms and don’t teach more than a few people at once. It’s because their style is so basic and they focus on a few select Kb exercises. They use Kb as a supplement to their training. I use Kb and body weight as my sole source of strength and conditioning. Ive competed 10 times this year in BJJ tournaments. I was ranked number 1 in the world in 2 different divisions for most of the year. So this dvd is excellent conditioning for BJJ athletes. I also use this same system for my mma fighters. Even though most of my youtube videos have plenty of women, house wives and every day people in them, i still have people asking me if it is just for Jiu Jitsu and MMA.  This DVD is for everyone!! The women in my dvd do not fight. They just attend my classes at my gym. Rosanna, Aka Xena, is a mother and a wife. As a matter of fact, women make up for %70 of the clients at my gym. Just regular women.

You can use this dvd to lose weight, build muscle and enhance your conditioning, Veronica, the women depicted in the before and after pictures in the commercial lost a whopping 60lbs! She did kettle-jits 3 Xs per week, cardio on her off days and kept a disciplined diet.  The Kj Rev program is also simple and easy to implement in any gym. It gives people what they want and it is proven to work! People want variety, not monotony! Remember, you dont have to be a fighter to train like one! Pre sale purchas Only 29.99! Limited time only! Orders ship in the new year! CDDVDCASE002-1 (1)

10 Kettlebell and bodyweight movements to help MMA striking

10 for striking10 Exercises to Help Striking For MMA

Almost four years ago I released my first dvd Combat Kettlebell Systems.  On the dvd I introduced a lot of sports specific movements for mma and bjj.  On the CKS dvd I used mostly kettlebells for this. I introduced newly developed movements to help improve your striking and ground work. My second dvd, shadow-jitsu, I continued with the mma/bjj theme but using only bodyweight.  Since then I have refined and developed more movements to help your striking for mma, boxing and kickboxing.  Here are 10 of these movements with a brief description of their purposes.  Enjoy.

1. The jab drill: This is a forgotten drill that was taught to me by my father, former number 6 ranked feather weight boxer. It emphasizes the importance of the jab and helps with rhythm and timing

2.The shoe shine: this boxing drill helps sharpen your uppercuts flow better and helps with hand speed.

3.Machine gun kicks: this exercise helps add speed, timing and torque to Thai style kicks

4.Thai knee combo: Helps with conditioning and simulates Muay Thai knee strikes.

5.High pulls: Ive adapted this kettlebell exercise to mimic an actual punch. Punches involve a pushing and pulling dynamic that this exercise helps harness. It also helps with hand speed

6.Bottoms up uppercuts: this one helps develop proper mechanics for your uppercuts.  It also helps develop torque, pivot and hand speed. It is also a great core and bicep exercise

7.The fighters figure 8: A favorite amongst my certified Kettle-Jitsu coaches.  Develops speed and power for hooking style punches. Also an amazing full body exercise.

8.Combat cleans: these are cleans performed from a fighting stance. This make this exercise pretty close to throwing an actual punch. Helps torque, pivot and its an excellent full body exercise. Make sure you have a solid kettlebell foundation before attempting this one

9.The pull and punch: My most recent development. Combines an upright row with a press and pivot. Works timing, power, pivot, focus and torque. This one will have your heart pumping in no time! Check out the Kettlsjitsu Revolution download that contains some of the movements from this article!

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Burpee Variations

Subscribe to receive updates!1014957_10201285248162761_475013135_oBurpee are probably one of the most universally used compound body weight exercise in existence. Fitness people all over the world practice burpees on a daily basis. it is standard at mma gyms, bjj gyms and ccrossfit gyms. It is for good reason! Burpees are a simple but extremely effective full body exercise. Burpees are what i call a compound bodyweight exercise. This means that it contains 2 or more exercises combined together into one movement. In the case of the burpee, you are using your chest, triceps, shoulders, core and legs.
I use burpees at my gym often. But i am all about variety. I feel variety is essential in keeping your clients interested. So even though burpees are an awesome exercise, me and my clients get bored of doing them all the time. This is why i have developed a lot of different variations of the burpee into what i call bodybuilder combinations. This video contains some of the variations that i use at my gym SoCal mm and on my upcoming dvd Kettle-jitsu Revolution. Try out them out for yourself and see if you like them! Burpee variations

Improve your punches with high pulls!

highpullcurvekbImprove your punches with high pulls!

One of the most common questions that I am asked is, “can you use kettlebells to improve your punches?” the answer is yes!  The high pull is the first kettlebell exercise that showed me that kb’s could be used to aid with striking.

One of the reasons I love the high pull is because you are pushing, pulling and hinging all in one exercise! So that means you are hitting your core, back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps and forearms all in one movement.  I really feel that the high pull is one of the most neglected and underdeveloped exercises in kettlebell training.  When performing the high pull the way I do, you turn it into a more explosive, compound movement.

The kettlebell high pull contains almost identical mechanics as punches do. When throwing a punch, you are using your core, chest, back, shoulders and arms.  When doing the high pull you are hitting all of the same muscles.  The traditional high pull is used more or less as a precursor to the snatch. Ive adjusted the technique into what I call a combat high pull. I also have other kettlebell exercises that come even closer to throwing actual punches. You can find these movements on my combat kettlebell systems digital download.

With the combat high pull we address the punching and retracting motions found in a real punch.  So, when performing the combat high pull, you start the same way you would a swing. Once you pop your hips and propel the bell up to where it is parallel to the floor, you drive your elbow back as far as possible and then immediately punch it back out.  This add that explosive element you need when throwing punches.  You can see the exact mechanics in the enclosed video.

Since I am constantly teaching, I do not get to train my striking at all.  But, I always do my kettle-jitsu training.  Periodically I will spar with my students and they are surprised at how fast my hands are! Try out the combat high pulls for yourself and see the difference.

The benefits of compound bodyweight training

The benefits of compound body weight training

I’m sure most of you all are familiar with the burpee. This is what I like to refer to as a compound body weight exercise.  People worldwide use burpees every day and with good reason. It’s simple and extremely beneficial exercise. A compound exercises is made up of 2 or more movements together. The burpee combines a squat, sprawl and a push up. So you are working several major muscle groups at once making it a metabolic exercise. Compound exercises raise your heart rate more so than muscle isolation exercises.

Since the burpee is such an awesome exercise, it made sense to me to develop more compound body weight and kettlebell exercises.  In the new kettlejitsu revolution dvd, I use many different body-weight flows and combinations. Some of these flows even contain movements from jiu jitsu and mma. I specifically created these combos to challenge you both physically and mentally. A good example of what I am talking about is the karate kid flow.  This compound movement consists of a sit up, shin box, deck squat and push up. Using these exercises in unison has many benefits. It challenges your focus, timing, coordination and your conditioning.

This particular exercise was inspired by my trip to Lisbon, Portugal.  There I administered a kettle-jitsu workshop. One of the attendees was a karate kumite fighter named hugo. I was showing different sit up combos and he stopped and asked if was it OK if he added a kick to it. I said show me. I immediately loved it and added it to my arsenal! When I got back home I played with it and added the other movements.  It spawned the “karate kid flow!” We use it regularly at my gym socal mma and fitness to my students enjoyment. Check out the enclosed video for a demo of this amazing compound body-weight exercise. Enjoy!